Campaign configuration

We will create content according to your campaign configuration. Therefore, we need to know the area of your site, the language, the keywords you are targeting and the URLs Bzoomer should link to.
COMPISTA - Backlinks package

COMPISTA - Backlinks package

* Number of links:

* URL for link building:

* Key phrases (one per line, max 5):

* Category:

* Preferred content language:

What do you get?

Articles with links pointing to your site (LPS - links pointing to your site - 1st layer of links) will have the following parameters:
MD - The article with the link will be placed on the main domain (root domain)
.com TLD - The domain on which the article will be placed has a .com ending
DA 50+ - The domain where the article will be placed will have a minimum Domain authority (Moz metric) of 50 points
Copywriter content - An article, on a relevant topic according to your keywords, will be created by a copywriter (real human)

All articles and links will be supported by additional links (2nd-3rd link layer) that will be interlinked in lower layers. These links will lead from Web 2.0 blogs, Wiki 2.0 pages, Web 2.0 profiles and social bookmarks. (The content of these articles is created using the AI article builder). These domains have various SD/MD, DA10-90, TLD mix, AI content parameters.

If you choose to create the package multiple times, you will get double or triple links in 2 or 3 months respectively. Articles with links will always be on different domains that meet the minimum parameters of the domains in the package. If you choose the option to create the package only once, the links in the package will be ready in 2-3 weeks.


EN Articles created by Bzoomer using AI: Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

EN Articles created by Bzoomer from copywriters (real people): Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3


Put in the campaign

  • 3-5 keywords – the backlink portfolio will be more natural

How is the delivery done?

An online chat will be created in your account after your payment. A Bzoomer consultant (a real person) will inform you in this chat about the progress with the links they will share with you.

What keywords and URL addresses to choose for the campaign?

Keywords (or phrases) should be based on what words you have optimized for your site.

For example: If you sell cell phones and want to improve your search position on your product page where you sell the Samsung Galaxy 10, the appropriate keywords might be:

Samsung Galaxy 10
Samsung Galaxy 10 16GB
Samsung Galaxy 10 black
mobile Samsung Galaxy 10

Suitable landing pages for links could be:


Too general keywords or unrelated to the landing page would be an inappropriate choice, such as:


Bzoomer creates texts, headlines and anchor texts based on your keywords. If it only considered the keyword Galaxy then it could create an article dealing with the space, not cell phones.

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